Throughout history, music has played a crucial role in spreading ideas. It is also an ever-present entity in modern society. Whether it be Eminem spitting fire or Adele setting all of our hearts ablaze, music can have a significant impact on people.
Although music is just words and frequencies strung together, many people find great pleasure in hearing it. This is because of the release of dopamine in the brain when someone hears a song that they like. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good when it is released. The release of dopamine can be due to any of the senses; touch, taste, sound, smell, or sight. In addition, it usually goes hand in hand with being rewarded. For example, if you won the lottery right now, that would trigger the release of dopamine. Even something as small as a nice meal has the potential to do this.
When someone hears a slow song, this can actually make them feel sad. This could be partly because of the mental associations that people have with slow music. In movies, slow music is normally playing in scenes where upsetting events occur. In contrast, if someone were to hear an upbeat song (with maybe some maracas shaking in the background or something) maybe they might feel a bit happier and be more willing to let loose.
Here’s a pretend scenario:
You’re on a cruise, and you hear ‘Good Vibrations’ start to play on the radio. That would be fine, wouldn’t it? You might even get a good kick out of it.
Now pretend you’re on that same cruise – and out of absolutely nowhere, the Jaws Theme begins blasting from the observation deck. Clearly there would be no reason to be afraid. Nobody is going to hurt you, but you can’t deny that it would obviously make you somewhat uncomfortable to hear that music while you’re trying to relax on a cruise ship.
Basically, sad songs may cause you to wistfully look out the window on a rainy day, whereas happy songs may have you working out for the first time in a month. This is because songs not only have frequency, but they have the ability to put thoughts into your head that weren’t there previously. These thoughts cause emotions, and emotions have the potential to cause actions. Let’s be real, we have all replaced our heads with our hearts once in a while. In this way, music can even motivate even the decisions that people make. One day a song may mean nothing, and the next day you might listen to it and think it is the story of your life.
There is actually a very interesting concept known as hormonic frequency. Your body has its very own frequency. There are also external frequencies (such as music). Harmonic frequency emphasizes that external frequencies have the ability to change the frequency of your body and other objects. This is why when someone else is having a bad day, they might have the ability to ruin your day too. When you are listening to sad music, you are actually more likely to see neutral faces around you as sad. The same goes for happy music. It is the reason why some people need to pump their music at the gym. They know that as soon as they turn on that one song that has those perfect vibrations, they are going to lift way more weight. Just like anything else, though, this gets old. After listening to the same song about a thousand times, it’s going to get old and you’re not going to get the same rush that you used to get from listening to it.
Not only does music change the frequency of your body and your mood, but it also affects your central nervous system in ways that you wouldn’t think are possible. It can really stimulate your senses, making you more creative and even more productive, almost like caffeine. In fact, just listening to ambient noises has the most impact on an individual’s creativity. It even has the ability to predict someone’s personality.
One great instance of hormonic frequency would be the speed of an individual’s steps when they are walking. When two people of the same height are walking, they have a tendency to match the speed and timing of their steps. Music actually has a lot of power over people. Next time you think you know someone, take a look at their playlist. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about them.
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October 31, 1864

On that date, Nevada became a state.

Nevada’s story, however, began even before that.

When Europeans reached what would become Nevada in the early 1800s, there were already four main Native American tribes living there. They were the Paiute, Shoshone, Washoe, and Walapai tribes and they had inhabited mountainous territory for millennia and called it home.

After the Mexicans declared independence from Spain in 1821, the territory known as Alta California became part of Mexico. Its sparse Mexican population meant that it would not become a formal state within the Mexican federation, and as the years went by, they sought autonomy from Mexico. Many Americans also traveled and explored the area, including Jedediah Smith, an explorer and traveler of the Old West who was the first American to walk the Las Vegas valley.

In 1848, the US-Mexican war broke out over control of the northern Mexican territories, including Alta California. The US won, and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo gave Alta California to the United States. It continued to be run as a territory of the United States, first under the name “Utah Territory” and later as the “Nevada Territory.” However, the main inhabitants were a group of fifty Mormons and non-Mormon ranchers who loosely ran the unorganized territory due to the lack of interest the Federal government showed in their area.

For a long time, Nevada remained lightly populated by Americans, and was used mostly as a route to California during the California Gold Rush. The Emigrant Trails cut through the Nevadan mountains, and many settlers were simply eager to get through the dry, mountainous territory quickly so they could strike it rich in the California gold mines. The Mormon settlements were the main stopping points along those trails.

Religious tensions were high in the early years between Mormons and non-Mormons, and there were frequent fights between the Native American tribes and the American settlers over territory. Non-Mormons wanted to see the territory annexed into California but the Mormons wanted their independence. Federal troopers came into the territory in 1857 and the Mormons left.

Once the non-Mormons were in charge, they seconded the claims requesting a separate territorial status from Utah, and the Nevada territory was formalized March 2, 1861. It was named after Sierra Nevada Mountains. At that time, Carson City became the capital city of Nevada.

One of the biggest events in early Nevada history was the discovery of the Comstock Lode. Prior to its discovery, the state was little more than a thoroughfare for miners traveling to California, or home to cattle ranchers, Mormons, and drifters of the Old West. The Comstock Lode was discovered by James Finney in Carson County in 1859 and quickly changed the nature of Nevada’s population almost overnight.

The Comstock Lode attracted thousands of miners back from California into Nevada, drawn by the prospect of becoming rich at the silver mines. A year later, gold was discovered in Aurora, sparking another gold rush, this time in Nevada. But the Apex Law, used to determined property and mining claims, was ill-suited for the deep mines of the Comstock region, and that threw the legal turmoil of Carson City into stark relief.

The push for statehood came first from the people of Nevada. In September 1863 voters in the territory approved the concept of statehood by 6,660 votes for vs 1,502 votes against. A statehood committee and congress was formed to create a constitution, largely based on the California constitution. It was rejected, but taken up almost immediately on a national level.

The Civil War was in full force, and Congress wanted the pro-Union Nevada in as quickly as possible. It was also a pro-Republican state, and the Republican Congress knew that it may tilt the House of Representatives in their favor, especially if the presidential election had three candidates and wound up being decided there. Plus, Nevada would help pass the 13th Amendment banning slavery, which was another political goal for the Republican Party.

The Enabling Act passed just before the 38th congress went into recess, and President Lincoln signed it on March 21, 1864. It said that Nevada would be accepted into the Union when it had an acceptable constitution, which would go to the president for review and approval. That was unusual, because it bypassed Congress, but also put Nevada on the fast track for statehood. They wrote up a new Constitution, it passed, and within seven months, on October 31, 1864, Nevada was a state.

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Different people live their lives in different ways, and there are some people who end up successful and others who end up failing at all that they try to do. There are some people who want something different from others. When a person wants something really bad, they will work hard in order to get that. Those who have a goal of being rich can often make their way to that goal and experience what it is to live as a rich person. Those who have a goal of making it often will make it. People get rich by knowing what they want and then working toward that.

People get rich when they create a goal for their life. A person has to have something that they are working toward, some reason that they are pushing on. A person has to have something that they want to do with their life, something that will give their life meaning. When a person is hoping to become rich, they have to make that their goal. They have to write up a specific goal for their life and they have to use that to help lead all that they do. Those who become rich most often do that because they have a goal in mind and they stick with that goal.

People get rich because they put the goal that they have above everything else in their life. Not only does a person have to have a goal that they are focusing on, but they have to make that goal an important part of their life. They have to give all that they are to that goal and to their dream of reaching that goal. They need to let the goal stand above other things in their life that matter to them. They have to make that goal more important to them than hobbies that they have and other things that try to attract their attention. Most often, those who become rich put their goal ahead of everything else in their life.

People get rich because they work hard and they keep on working. No one becomes rich by sitting around and being lazy. In order to get rich, a person has to be willing to work hard. They have to push on toward the goals that they have. They need to keep working even when their life is hard and the road that is in front of them is bumpy. An individual has the best chance of getting rich when they are working in an ambitious way and willing to keep on working like that. Those who work hard have the opportunity to earn a good amount of money and to become rich. Those who become rich are most often hard workers and those who are willing to keep on working no matter what.

People get rich because of their family and the help that they receive. It can be difficult to push on toward certain goals without an education, and it can be hard to get an education without money for that education. Those who have a family to help them out have an easier time of getting rich because that family can help them pay for the schooling that they need so that they can become all that they want to become. There are some who become rich when a relative of theirs dies and leaves them their money. The family that a person has can affect whether or not that individual will become rich at some point in their life.

People get rich because of the influence that they have on others. There are some people who can sell anything simply because of their personality and the way that they interact with others. There are people who have a ton of friends and who can use those friends in order to reach their goals. The amount of influence that a person has on those who are around them can affect whether or not that person becomes rich. Most of the people who end up getting rich are those who are influential and who have a good following in all that they do and the life that they live.

When a person makes the decision to become rich, they have to figure out how they are going to do that. They have to figure out the best way to make their goals become a reality. It is important for a person to fight hard in order to become all that they would like to become.